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Ecommerce website design- Yell

eCommerce Website Design for Gumtoo, Singapore

Domain: E-commerce
Platform: Web
Service: UX and UI Design

the challenge

Gumtoo is a temporary tattoo enterprise that makes custom tattoos for events in bulk and ships them worldwide. They approached us to improve the user experience for their ecommerce website and make the design more fluid, along with bettering their UI for a smoother look and feel.

the approach

Gumtoo offers different sizes of temporary tattoos according to customer requirements. Since determining the correct sizes for a tattoo can be one of the biggest hassles, we created a proper size guide for customers to rely on. Along with the size guide, we wanted to display the wide range of tattoos Gumtoo had to offer.


UX Strategy

To showcase the range of tattoos Gumtoo had to offer to the customers as soon as they visited the website, we added a section comprising all the different varieties – multicolor tattoos, metallic tattoos, glow in the dark tattoos and glitter tattoos right on the homepage. This helped the customer pick the relevant tattoo variety that they would want for different events (for e.g. Glow in the dark tattoos for clubbing and music festivals, multicolor tattoos for carnivals etc).

The size guide included pictures of all dimensions available to be customized along with pictures of real people with the tattoos on their skin so that customers could have a reference for scale. There was also an option for downloading the preferred tattoo to correctly figure out the size.

We also added a packaging section to make your brand stand out using our customized packages.

eCommerce website Gumtoo Wireframes
eCommerce website Gumtoo Dashboard
eCommerce website Gumtoo Dashboard


UI Design

By implementing the size guide correctly, focusing on the wide variety offered by Gumtoo, and creating a flow for the users to increase ease-of-use(another case study on ease-of-use), we created a website that performed at the maximum capacity, both for the business and its users.

eCommerce website Gumtoo Dashboard
eCommerce website Gumtoo Dashboard
eCommerce website Gumtoo Dashboard
eCommerce website Gumtoo Dashboard
eCommerce website Gumtoo Dashboard


the result

Our end goal was to make the ecommerce website design as easy and intuitive as possible to increase user retention and leave the customers with a sense of trust after using the application.


Getting results & delivering on the promise is what we do best

“Yellowchalk took Gumtoo’s website to a new level of usability and aesthetics. They helped us with user centric suggestion that helped us increase conversion rates by around 20%. I am very pleased with the classy and sleek look of the website. Amazing work!”

Pranjal Taneja

CEO, Gumtoo