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Teamlease Payroll

Designing for a HR Tech Giant – Teamlease

Domain: Human Resources
Platform: Web
Service: UX and UI Design

the challenge

Teamlease is India’s leading recruitment and human resources company. A Fortune 500 company, it has hired 17 lakh resources for it’s clients all over the country.

They came to us with the requirement to design an internal payroll management software that would cater to their clients and simultaneously reduce manual load, decrease errors, and increase efficiency while payroll processing.

the approach

Payroll processing is an indispensable part of any organization and should always run like a well oiled machine. Our approach from the beginning was to build a product that would limit human errors and process most functions in an automated manner. We developed the app so that human contact was only required for first level data inputs and during the final round of approvals and checks for ease of use.


UX Strategy

To simplify and increase usability, we used a strategy that was straightforward to enable various administrative roles to function on the same platform. For this project, we designed a central database system to reduce dependency and manual workload on HR administrators.

Each role had certain tasks to complete in the system to keep the workflow intact. The rest was managed by bots in the backgrounds, with certain roles only having to interact with the application to approve or correct certain actions. If the employee and client information entered was correct, the workflow would move onto the approval part of the process. If not, the task at hand would go back to the previous administrator to rectify. The process would only move forward if the information entered in the system was correct.

Since manual workload was minimized to data input and majority of the accountability fell on the system, the chances for human error were drastically reduced as the system would not move forward with any errors. Our goal was to use the aspect of self service as a driver of flexibility and efficiency in the system.

Teamlease - Payroll Management Software - Designed by Yellowchalk
Teamlease Payroll Dashboard
Payroll Management Software - Designed by Yellowchalk


UI Design

Visibility was a key driving point for us while designing the UI for Teamlease. We designed the payroll management software in a way that all information would be available/visible to the pertinent roles on the dashboard. We wanted to lessen the need to look into excel sheets, manually maintained records, or any documents that were unaccounted for.

We used a clear, legible font for client and employee data along with an array of colors to highlight different sections on the screens. We used donut pie charts to represent numeric values along with the numbers, as it would reduce cognitive load on users and help break the monotony of only having data on the screen.

We used drop down menus for sections that required data entries to keep the interface clean and clutter-free. Our end goal was to increase productivity in the users and to build a product that simply put, made a daunting yet crucial process, easier.

Teamlease Payroll Dashboard
Teamlease Payroll Dashboard
Teamlease Payroll Management Software - HR Dashboard
Teamlease Payroll Dashboard

Getting results & delivering on the promise is what we do best

Payroll processing is a crucial and complex operation across organizations. With our joint effort with Teamlease, we were able to automate the process and simultaneously reduce the workload on HR administrators. We created a product that increased productivity in the users and made a daunting yet pivotal process effortless.