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Prodigal Project Story | AI Driven Solutions | Yellowchalk Design

Prodigal – AI Driven Solutions for Optimal Customer Service

Domain: AI
Platform: Web
Service: UX and UI Design



Prodigal is a technology company that uses AI-driven solutions for customer support agents to analyze calls, emails, texts, and chats to help agents provide better customer service. They have two products: ProAssist and ProNotes, which target customer care agents. ProAssist guides agents through calls by providing real-time and post-call learning, creating dynamic talk tracks and prompts. ProNotes auto-writes call notes, freeing agents to focus on the customer experience. 

The challenge for this project was to make both these tools to be responsive to the screen size, ensuring that the content adjusts itself if the extension window is resized.


To create a user-friendly experience for agents, we analyzed the user journey and feedback received from the client to optimize the experience and let the agents focus on calls while the AI does the work for them. 

Prodigal’s products stand out from their competitors’ products as their products are simpler and more intuitive, not requiring the agents to go through any tutorials or guides. It uses AI-driven solutions to make the experience smoother. 

The UX Strategy

The primary objective of the user-centric approach in ProAssist and ProNotes was to facilitate agent productivity and concentration during customer calls. This was achieved by designing the interface in a way that all essential features and information were prominently displayed and readily accessible from the outset.

A crucial consideration in the design was allocating sufficient space for the section where prompts would appear. These prompts played a vital role in guiding agents through their conversations with customers. By ensuring ample real estate for the prompts, agents could easily scan and refer to them during the calls, enabling a smoother and more efficient interaction.

In addition to the spatial challenge, the appearance of the prompts, including their look, color, and icons, presented further complexities. These visual aspects had to be carefully crafted to strike the right balance between clarity, visibility, and intuitiveness. The prompts needed to be instantly recognizable and visually distinct. This would ensure agents that could quickly interpret and act upon them without any confusion or delay.

By addressing these challenges and adopting a user-centric approach, ProAssist and ProNotes aimed to optimize the agent experience and empower them to deliver exceptional customer service through AI-driven solutions. Furthermore, the thoughtful arrangement of features and the prominence given to prompts collectively contributed to enhancing the agent’s focus. The visual design considerations also improved efficiency and overall performance during customer calls.

Prodigal - Wireframes | Yellowchalk UI/UX Design

Prodigal - AI Driven Solution Wireframes | Yellowchalk

ProNotes AI Driven Solutions- Wireframes | Yellowchalk

UI Design

The UI design had to be minimal and clean to avoid distracting the agents from their tasks. The primary color used for the UI was orange, which was the brand color. We used a professional and simple tone like we had previously used for another project of ours, for the content and illustrations to convey the message as clearly as possible. User-friendly human shapes illustrate the difficulties of functioning without Prodigal and the ease it brings to customer services.

Prodigal - UI Screens - AI Driven SaaS | Yellowchalk ProNotes - AI Driven Solution - UI Screens | Yellowchalk Call Prompts - AI Driven Solution | Yellowchalk

Delivering on the Promise

The results met the client’s expectations, and they were beyond impressed by the outcome. Overall, the main agenda was to make both products intuitive and easy to use for customer care agents. The result was a success. This made Prodigal stand out in the market for its simplicity and ease of use.