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Designing a Women Health & Wellbeing App | Yellowchalk Design

Elda Health – Empowering Women Health & Wellness


Domain: Healthtech
Platform: Mobile
Service: UX and UI Design


Women’s health is often neglected and stigmatized in many parts of the world, especially in India. Women themselves are unaware of their bodies and how their menstrual cycles and menopause work, leading to unnecessary physical and mental health complications. According to the World Health Organization, menstrual health is firmly on the global agenda now.  In this context, Elda Health is a revolutionary digital health platform that provides comprehensive support and resources to women during their menopausal and perimenopausal years. The content is curated by a team of medical professionals, including gynaecologists, nutritionists, and fitness experts, to provide women with meaningful insights into their health, identify potential issues, and prioritize their well-being through medical and lifestyle interventions. 

Elda Health approached us to create a women’s health app for them, our second time working on a project in the healthcare domain.  We completed the project in three months. Their target audience was mid-age urban women, including women above 35 years of age. 


Creating this women’s health app was a challenging yet rewarding experience that required extensive research and collaboration with potential users, doctors, and nutritionists. The team had to gain a thorough understanding of the pain points and intervention perspectives of women experiencing menopause and perimenopause to design an app that addressed their unique needs. Our team also relied on the data points to ensure that the app was evidence-based and effective.

Additionally, conducting a SWOT analysis of Elda’s competitors in the digital health platform sector helped the team identify areas of improvement and differentiate their app from others in the market. The learning curve for creating this digital health platform involved a lot of trial and error. Still, ultimately, the team was able to create an intuitive and engaging app that is transforming the women’s health sector in India.

The UX Strategy

While working with Elda, we faced several challenges. We overcame this by creating a user-centric approach focused on helping women stay motivated on the platform. First and foremost was creating user awareness and initial onboarding, which we solved through informational videos and articles, expert face-to-face and online interactions with qualified medical experts, and of course, the appointment of campus ambassadors.  We introduced community ambassadors of the digital health platform. This was done in order to spread awareness and provide support to women in their respective domains.

Our engagement strategies for customer motivation and retention included gamification of the app. The app would then reward users at each level upon completing tasks such as logging in their data daily. Apart from the fun gamification elements to keep users engaged, we also included leaderboards, support cards, and a safe community space where they could interact with each other and feel supported.

Personalized one-on-one health coaching was another element that would attract users to the women’s health app. Overall, we aimed to create a safe environment for women to discuss their health and prioritize self-care.


UX Screens for Elda Health | Women Healthcare App | Yellowchalk Design


The UI Strategy

In terms of UI, we chose a warm and soothing color palette in the shades of baby pink and teal. It reflected the brand’s mother nature ethos.

Elda Health UI Screens | Yellowchalk Design

We used animations and illustrations inspired by Elda Health’s existing vector-style illustrations. We also introduced fun characters, including a flower mascot companion, to make the experience more engaging and relatable. Our team took extra care when creating illustrations for difficult topics like endometriosis, using objects and personification to make the content more accessible and inclusive. The calm and soothing tones were a huge success and really encompassed the entire feminine aesthetic of the app.

Illustrations for Elda Health | UI/UX Design | Women Healthcare App | Yellowchalk Design

Final Screen Overview | Women Healthcare App | Yellowchalk Design

Delivering on the Promise

Overall, the interactive and intuitive digital health engagement platform satisfied Elda’s team. Through the application, we managed to spread awareness as well as empower women to take control of their own health. Since the application’s launch, Elda has boarded over 60,000 women in India. It is a game-changer in the Indian women’s health sector, empowering women with knowledge and resources to prioritize their well-being. This was all thanks to its fun, informational and interactive design.